2017 Elected to the Men are Trash Hall of Fame


During the announcement, 1955 stated, “With the near miss of the first woman president in 2016 we on the committee were quite concerned about 2017 being a down year in trashness.” 1955 continued, “But with the litany of men outed for everything from sexual assault to playing a bit of grab-ass, it is clear that the Men are Trash Hall of Fame will have plenty of potential inductees for years to come.”

When asked if the outing of so many men signaled a societal change in how women are viewed and respected 1995 simply replied: “C’mon now.”

The vote surprisingly came with two weeks left in the year but according to 1986, most noted for the release of 2 Live Crew’s debut album “There was no need to belabor this slam dunk of a decision. When you produce the level of trash that 2017 is responsible for there is simply no debate.”

2017 has far and away produced a stellar lineup of uber-powerful trash men including:

Just to name a few…

In addition to the sexual assault and misogyny 2017 also delivered a one-two punch with a heaping helping of racism. From Charlottesville to Keaton Jones 2017 made sure to top the trash cake with white supremacy icing.

In a statement from 2017, the inductee stated “I am incredibly honored to be among so many great trash years. Despite receiving the great honor I am dedicated to finishing out the last two weeks of December with a flourish. I have not yet reached the full potential of my trashness.”

The rookie year 2018 can only hope to continue the level of excellence set by 2017. When asked about keeping up the status quo the soon to be year replied “I have a strong team behind me. With all the trash yet to be unearthed I am sure that my performance will not disappoint.”

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